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Strategy, Implementation and Support

Looking for help with your business to business marketing?

Here at Big Beach we offer a complete range of out-sourced marketing services primarily for the  IT and telecommunications sectors

Marketing Director Services

All the benefits of an experienced marketing director without the full-time costs and commitment. We hit the ground running with advice, strategy and implementation.

Strategy and Planning

Anything from a short summary with recommended actions to a detailed marketing plan with strategic marketing objectives through to tactical plans and timelines.

Lead Generation

Tailored campaigns such as email marketing, inbound marketing, direct mail, event marketing, social media management, PR and advertising, to support your sales team.

Website Optimisation

Complete support from website, strategy, design and build, through to search engine optimisation and content management. Ensure your business stands out online.

Marketing Automation

Ensure your website acts as a 24-hour salesperson, solving buyer problems, encouraging them engage and provide contact information for sales to follow up on.

Marketing Collateral

Empower your sales team with all it needs, such as presentations, brochures, flyers, solution guides, proposal templates as well as exhibition stands, banner and graphics.

Where are you now?

We recommend new clients to start with a marketing audit to help us understand where you are currently with your marketing. What has worked previously, what hasn’t and what keeps you awake at night.

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Where do you want to be?

We help clients identify their business goals and aspirations, to start with the end in mind. We ask for competitors they aspire to, customers they would like to acquire and how they would like to be perceived online and in person.

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Let us help you get there

Having established your marketing needs, we provide recommendations on must do, should do and nice to do marketing activities and build this into a practical plan of action, to help your business grow.

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